Afterworld - Connecting Animals
Noise Records
Melodic Heavy Metal
12 songs (48'22)
Release year: 2000
Noise Records
Reviewed by Chris

This is the second album for this promising heavy metal band. Their first album "Dark Side Of Mind" was a huge surprise back then and it's with an unhidden pleasure that I've listen to this new record.

Now I got scared a bit with the first song. It's not bad but it flies all over the room without too much structure and it scared the hell out of me but I could put my fears at ease when the second track started. This is certainly an Afterworld record. Quickly you can feel the power and yet melodic atmosphere of their very own style. This is heavy metal the way it's supposed to be, aggressive square riffs, powerful drums, an excellent, not typical singer and good song writing. The album is very constant except for the first song that is a tiny bit strange, and somehow I would recommend not to put it on first track for evident commercial reasons but then it's perhaps just me who didn't like it. Anyway like I said a strong release with a very good production and this typical Afterworld music, and that's and area where they don't have to envy others, cause they really have their own style and that's really something I enjoy a lot, especially nowadays. The CD contains a nice cover of "Money Money Money" as well (although I'm not a big fan of the original song).

So in the end Afterworld made a very good album and and they hold up to their first album level and that's really cool cause god knows it's difficult to make a second album after a very good first release. One thing that is also very nice is the artcovers. Although the color and style is completely different that the first one, you could tell it's an afterworld CD, why ? Because there's always this beast in the center, they changed the style, subject and colors, but it's still here, very smart !

So if you like strong, fast-paced, melodic heavy metal this one is for you. This is the kind of music that makes me change gears at 8000 RPM when I drive with it in my car. Great job, keep it up guys !

Killing Songs :
Promises, Tell Me Why ?
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