Silencer - Structures
Self Financed
Iced Earth Metal
5 songs (18'30)
Release year: 2003
Unofficial myspace
Reviewed by Danny
Surprise of the month

If you remember my review of Silencer's previous EP - Kozmos, I spoke of this U.S. rocky heavy metal band with passion. We have received their new work lately called Structures. Where Kozmos was highlighting the potential of the band, Structures comes as the alarm-clock; talent & devotion to the heavy/thrash scene are now crystal clear on their new EP.

Yes, that's the disappointment for me, this guys are ONLY back with an EP. Are they still looking for a label? Were they "short" of money to record a full length album? The answer is on the promo sheet, I guess, "Touring in support of Kozmos, Silencer have managed to build up a very respectable following in the southwestern US, regardless of the fact that their touring has been entirely self-financed, promoted and booked". I can't simply believe that Silencer is still looking for a label. After the first spin of Structures, if responsible agents of the major labels can't see the HUGE potential of this band, I suggest they run for another job ... or to check to see if they have not become deaf.

Denver's Silencer reminds me of the early years of Iced Earth, Night Of The Stormrider to be precise - this is no secret. Structures is a piece of five songs, five heavy/thrash metal rockets galloping at Jon Schaffer's riff trademark. Songs like The Bruising Feast or The Mystic Image are pure Iced Earth attack. My dear readers, if there is one underground EP that deserves to be in your CD collection, Structures is this one. Some guitar riffs also reminds me of Megadeth, Iron Maiden or Testament.

My only complaint here will be the production. These songs deserved an enormous sound, especially the drums. It is not well-mannered for such a talented band to have such a "trapped" sound. Even though money might be the main reason, I can't imagine what would have been the final result with top notch professional mixing.

Keep the faith guys, 'cause sooner or later you will be out of the shadows ... or you guys are definitely the most unlucky musicians on earth :)

If you are an Iced Earth fan, I warmly recommend you to jump on Structures. For more info, run to ... and don't say we didn't warn you.

The rocky is rising !

Killing Songs :
19 minutes of pure heavy/thrash pleasure :)
Danny quoted 80 / 100
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