Finntroll - Visor Om Slutet
Spinefarm Records
Folk Metal
11 songs (32'36)
Release year: 2003
Finntroll, Spinefarm Records
Reviewed by Jack
I was so damn excited when I received the new promo of Finnish folk black metalist Finntroll. I mean their previous album Jaktens Tid was such an amazing album, blending the best black metal around with some great folkish influences. Alas for me, If I'd have read a bit about this new album, I would have known that this would not be the same kind of album.

Indeed, Finntroll returns with a new album a couple of years after the last effort. Unfortunately for the heaviest among us, this new album is only folk inspired. Gone, forever(?) is their black metal influences that made their music so interesting and refreshing on their previous album. This new album includes 11 new tracks among which only four are what I consider as tracks, meaning the other tracks are just a bunch of instrumental or ambient tracks. This is such a pity because tracks such as Svart Djup or Försvinn Du Som Lyser (don’t ask me to pronounce them or to translate them) are among the best folk tracks I have ever heard. Rov on the other hand sounds like a caveman eating something he has just killed and then fighting like a bear or whatever. I mean it’s fun the first time you listen to them, but then you just feel like skipping them.

Finntroll fails to embark us on their folk journey. I would like to on the other hand, recommend you their fellow compatriots Tenhi and their magnificent albums Kauan and Väre which are very innovative and refreshing albums (I wish I could come up with a decent review of their second album Väre). This is a disappointing new album and a real personal disappointment to me.

Killing Songs :
Svart Djup, Försvinn Du Som Lyser, Den Sista Runans Dans
Jack quoted 60 / 100
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