Twilightning - Delirium Veil
Spinefarm Records
Finnish Power Metal
9 songs (48:23)
Release year: 2003
Twilightning, Spinefarm Records, Twilightning
Reviewed by Jay
Surprise of the month

Finland is the home of many of these great, young power metal bands that have come out recently. Twilightning is one of Suomi’s newest exports. This band seems to be getting some attention. Spinefarm signed them to a deal and the legendary Timo “Download my album, and I’ll kill you” Tolkki mixed this album. “Gone to the Wall” is an awesome opener. There is some detectable 80’s influence in the riffs and the drum sound but this song is anything from dated. The solo is pretty sweet and there is a clear talent in these men. Their technical skill is incredible for such a young age.

At the Forge” starts with a synth main riff and a nice galloping tempo a la Kamelot. The style of soloing at the beginning reminds of some of the 70’s bands like Boston and Kansas. The bass is strong and functions well as a supporter of the band. “Jester Realm” which I at one point mistook as “Jester Race” is another soaring power metal track. Again the synth keys provide significant part of the music. The trademarked Finnish drum sound is also present. The 80’s influenced keys in the break down segway well into the best solo of the album. Twin guitars battling and playing the same solo is so reminiscent of Maiden. The solo is perfect and shows the talent of both of the axemen. Heikki Pöyhiä has an interesting voice. It has the timbre of Dickinson but the depth of James Hetfield. He knows how to use it well and it comes through on this record.

The title track is another strong representation of this band. Sonata Arctica fans will appreciate this song. The battling guitars once again gate us to the racing speedy tempo. The kicks are mixed just right as to enable the listener to not disregard the other instruments. “Seventh Dawn” reminded me of Journey for some reason. Manowar and Helloween would have been more appropriate. I liked the use of the keys as a synthetic choir on this track. Heikki Pöyhiä shines through again on this song. “Enslaved to the Mind” creates an eerie environment by starting and ending with doctors ratting off the criteria for Schizophrenia. The track is pretty good too.

If you like the Finnish sound, get this album. You won’t be disappointed. If you’re skeptical you might want to try out a more known band like Sonata Arctica before Twilightning hits you.

Killing Songs :
At the Forge, Jester Realm, Delirium Veil, Seventh Dawn, Enslaved to the Mind
Jay quoted 86 / 100
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