Devolved - Technologies
Industrial Grind/Speed/Death
9 songs (52:09)
Release year: 2000
Reviewed by Ger

"Caution: persons suffering epilepsy should avoid this recording as it may induce a reaction" With a warning like this on the back cover, you have to expect something special from this album

Not many Aussie albums reviewed so I'm going to be patriotic and write a review of an album that i've been wanting to buy for quite some time.

Aussie metal, like other Australian music, is usually not very well known except by hardcore fans of whatever genre. Australian music also tends to be very non-mainstream and this album is no exception.

The album starts with what will be a good indication of what the albums going to be like and, coincidentally, the best song on the album. Distorted is an absolutely masterful song with some really nice playing all around and the double kicks that hammer on for the last minute or so of the song are possibly the fastest I have heard since Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia. Most of the playing is immaculate but the odd time changes can get a little unnerving (especially in Supremacy). The only unfortunate thing about this album is that the songs tend to sound the same after the fourth track.

Lyrically, the album seems very much inspired by the ideas that Fear Factory were trying to put across. Nik Carpenter gets his point across aggressively and in true growling style. The production on this album is really good but if played through very bassy speaker (ie. A Subwoofer) the guitar can be pretty hard to hear because the bass is very much accentuated, but on that note, this album also uses a lot of electronic sounds like bass tones that you will need a decent stereo system to get the most out of.

So if you like your music hard, hammering and intense, you'll get right into this album and if your an Aussie, get out there and support Australian Metal.

Killing Songs :
All of 'em
Ger quoted 87 / 100
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