Evereve - Enetics
Massacre Records
Dark Gothic Electric Metal
11 songs (43'08)
Release year: 2003
Evereve, Massacre Records
Reviewed by Jack

When I received this promo I couldn't help but laugh. Why ? Maybe because I own their first three albums and don't listen to them anymore and also because I have not bought their fourth album E-Mania. In fact, I considered them more or less as has beens although they haven't really been... But just like the old adage says so well, "Never judge a book by its cover" or by its writer (in this case don't judge a record by its artist).

Our German folks evolved from standard gothic metal to dark eletro gothic metal. For once, I admit that I like the way they evolved. Their dark electro gothic metal indeed touches me and I have been playing that stuff over and over again and recently bought the album. In fact I waited til now to write my review to be sure that I really like the album in the long term and not only over a fortnight. Sometimes indeed you listen to an album a couple of times or maybe more and you just like it. But then, after a month or so, you realize the album isn't as good as it seemed to be (Evanescence is a good exemple of what I am trying to say although I still like their album but would rather give it a strong 85 rather than a weak 95). Anyway, Enetics has been playing on my computer for quite a long time and especially over the last week since I have finally decided to review it.

If I tell you that I found little Rammstein or Samael influences in Evereve's music (Abraza La Luz, X-istence), would you think I am dumb ? I told you those guys were doing dark electro gothic metal, although there's very little gothic stuff left in their music. Except for a bunch of tracks (Her Last Summer, One More Day, 1951), there's nothing that resembles what they were doing on Seasons, Stormbirds or even Regret. On the other hand, tracks such as Abraza La Luz, Silvergod and X-istence show the new musical side of the band. Agressive melodies, catchy and easy to remember choruses. Definitely one the best in its own genre.

Evereve is a band that could simply grow bigger and bigger over the next few years especially if they can have one or two good tours of Europe (i.e. in the many festivals to come this summer) and if they can come up with another strong album such as this one in the next couple of years. Evereve suceeded in blending gothic, electro pop and dark metal where bands such as Theatre Of Tragedy failed because they lost their metal edge.

PS : Try to get the limited edition with the bonus CD because it's really worth adding a couple more $ to own it. In addition to the English version of Embrace The Light (Abraza La Luz), this second cd contains a bunch of remixes, a multimedia part and some great videotracks (live, life & studio footage 2001/02) as well as karaoke songs (we'll all turn Japanese... lol).

Killing Songs :
Abraza La Luz, Silvergod, X-istence, Along Comes A Fool
Jack quoted 85 / 100
Alex quoted 68 / 100
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