L Ame Immortelle - Als Die Liebe Starb
Trisol Music Group
Electro Gothic Metal
10 songs (47'29)
Release year: 2003
L Ame Immortelle, Trisol Music Group
Reviewed by Jack

Do you remember back to the old days when you were at school and you had to learn a foreign language (Spanish, German, English or French depended on where you went to school) ? As for me, I never stood German. Gosh I hated that language so much that I am now unable to speak a word of it (I actually can but prefer not to lol). But I have to say I regret it now because speaking other languages opens your mind, although when you speak English you can go anywhere.

I don't know what's so trendy about singing in German, but over the last couple of years numbers of German metal bands of different qualities have decided to use their native tongue. Lacrimosia, Crematory, Eisheilig, Siegfried, Morgenstern, Saltatio Mortiis, and especially Rammstein. The duet of Sonja Kraushofer and Thomas Rainer forming L'Âme Immortelle, although wearing a French moniker, which means "The Immortal Soul", is another Austrian band using their native language, although on their new album Als Die Liebe Starb only four of the ten songs are in German, the other remaining six songs are in English. Once you have skipped the annoying first track 21. Februar, L'Âme Immortelle's music allows oneself to be led astray to their electro gothic world. The music indeed remains within the known boudaries of gothic metal as we know it, played by so many bands nowadays, but here the main difference resides in the use of eletronics. However, the use of electronics is not overwhelming as in the latest work of Theatre Of Tragedy for instance, and therefore the music remains quite listenable and interesting. Sonja's voice isn't a major trump for the band in the gothic metal scene, because there are so many other female vocalists with a better voice than hers, but her vocal performance fits the music well, especially when she uses her native language. I have to say that I prefer the use of German in their case, especially when Sonja and Thomas sing in duet such as in Im Tod Vereint. What is quite surprising however is the fact that she uses different tones with her voice and sometimes you really feel like it's another female singing. This is particularly interesting on Lake Of Tears where I have the impression that Madonna is singing on this tune. Weird, isn't it ? On Disharmony, the last song, I have the impression that Liv Kristine from Theatre Of Tragedy is singing. I don't know if it's done on purpose.

To sum up, L'Âme Immortelle is just another of those gothic bands trying to emerge from the overwhelming quantities of other gothic metal acts but unfortunately for them this new album is an album just above average and since they don't have the chance to appear on a famous Hollywood movie, they might remain enclosed in the metal scene.

Killing Songs :
Have I ever ?, Lake Of Tears, Im Tod Vereint
Jack quoted 70 / 100
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