Astral - Filicetum Lunare
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Symphonic Black Metal
10 songs (49'14)
Release year: 2000
Reviewed by Danny

Astral from Czechia was founded in 1996 and plays a musical mixture of black and gothic metal. One year later Astral's debut album "Magia Aeon" was released. We didn't hear anything about them for a while (apart from their demo "1999") and this second album "Filicetum Lunare" proves at least they are still alive.

After a very "special intro" (a bit too long and I have heard much better ones), a "vampire black metal" voice introduces
the story (?). Musically Astral is quiet strange : keyboard more or less "à la" black metal combined with a symphonic song-writting and some epic elements.

I guess the vocalist sings in Latin (as I didn't understood a word). Overall this is very symphonic, quiet and can be described as a "flying music". Recommended for fans of classical music who like ... "church songs".

Killing Songs :
Conspectus Noctis
Danny quoted 68 / 100
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