Death - Live In Eindhoven '98 (DVD)
Nuclear Blast
Technical Death Metal
11 songs (60:00)
Release year: 2001
Death, Nuclear Blast
Reviewed by Ger
I didn't even know that Death had released any DVDs, so when I walked into the CD store to buy myself a copy of Burnt Offerings and Blackwater Park, I was quite shocked to see two Death DVDs staring at me, these were Live In Eindhoven and Live In L.A. I was torn on what to buy as I only had about $70 free to spend and couldn't afford all three discs. I ended up settling for Live in Eindhoven and Still Life (they didn't have Blackwater Park).

I was a bit dissapointed with the packaging, it just came in a little cardboard holder like on some magazine cover discs (I'm not sure if this is just for the Australian release or what the cover is like for all copies) but I wasn't really annoyed because the price of the DVD was about 20 bucks cheaper than most DVDs. The case dilemma was remedied by me making my own DVD cover and buying some empty DVD cases.

Not knowing quite what to expect, I had a horrible feeling that this DVD was going to be bootleg quality but was pleasantly surprised to see that the filming and editing were both of a very high quality. The sound starts off quite good but as the show progresses, the guitars and vocals become softer and softer whereas the drums seem to get louder.

I wasn't expecting much of a fantastic stage show from Death because most of the wow factor comes from watching them play. They don't run around or have a light show or anything, they just stand on stage and play, but for me, that was cool enough just to see them playing some of my favourite songs live (Zero Tolerance and Crystal Mountain in particular).

A good and above all, relatively cheap (compared to other DVDs) DVD that, while it is fairly short and suffers from one or two sound production flaws, is something that every die-hard Death fan should own.

The track listing covers a good range of songs from their earlier stuff to songs from TSOP:

1. The Philosopher
2. Trapped In A Corner
3. Crystal Mountain
4. Suicide Machine
5. Together As One
6. Zero Tolerance
7. Lack Of Comprehension
8. Flesh And The Power It Holds
9. Flattening Of Emotions
10. Spirit Crusher
11. Pull The Plug

Killing Songs :
Zero Tolerance, Spirit Crusher, Crystal Mountain and Suicide Machine
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