Lost Week-End - Presence Of Mind
Frontiers Records
12 songs (62'31)
Release year: 2000
Frontiers Records
Reviewed by Chris

Well, two things really stroke me when I first got this CD. First the artcover rules ! It's really original and it's about time people use more digital / 3D images for metal as it really gives a futuristic look and I quite like it. Second thing is the name of a band !?! Why the hell call yourself Lost Week-End ? I mean I can really picture myself coming at a CD shop in a bad mood and seeing Lost Week-End ... and perhaps think : "well my life sucks enough as it is to screw my week-end on top of it !". I know it sounds crazy and perhaps I'm the only one who thinks that :) ... anyway it's not really important.

Now about the music, cause I bet it's what you guys want to know about. Well, it's cute. I mean it's cute hard-rock with solid production and strong powerful sound. I quite like it and the first song really caught my attention. The keyboards is very present and used with an excellent way as a piano in the background. The riffs and the piano forms a successfull mariage and gives the first track a very nice touch. The chorus it's unfortunately kinda classic, too classic. That's too bad cause the piano touch is fantastic. Anyway, like the title of this first song says : "Holding On"... so that's what I decide to do.... let's see what's coming up now. The rest of the album alternates from one hard-rock typical song to another.

In the end this album is cute, like I said a couple of times already :). Unfortunately originality is not really the strong point with the exception of some moments...and it really feels like I heard these songs before. Too bad cause talent is there, let's hope next time it will contain more "Lost Week-End".

Killing Songs :
Holding On, Can You Believe
Chris quoted 62 / 100
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