Mir - K.M.R.
Woongin Media
K-Pop Metal
15 songs (66:45)
Release year: 2003
Reviewed by Jay

Sometimes albums just drop into your life. Mir is an example of this. The full album name is Korea Mir Revolution but it’s always listed as KMR. As you can guess, they’re from Korea. I am unable to find any reliable information on them in English and their website is entirely in Korean. That doesn’t mean I can’t review the music.

It’s interesting to say the least. They combine prog and power influences like Helloween, Stratovarius, Yngwie Malmsteen and Metalium with glam influence from Motley Crue and Poison. The Japanese band Loudness seems to be another influence as well. Regardless, the influences result in an album full of copycat riffs. Many of the songs make you say “Wow, that sounds exactly like ____ by ____.” In fact, you can virtually sing the chorus of “Eagle Fly Free” over the intro track. While the metal is lacking in originality it gets points for skill and production. The four musicians in the band, Guitarist Red, vocalist Shi-You, bassist G.O, and drummer Jin-Whan seem to be on top of their game. “Broken Mirror” mirrors the track “Metalium” by Metalium from the guitar work, to the bass tone to the high notes being held in all the right places. What’s interesting is it adds an 80’s style flair with several Yngwie style solos. It’s a weird hybrid metal that’s fun to relax to. “Janus” sounds like old Jane’s Addiction and has a weird rap part in it. This music is comical at times including the odd tempo on “Lone Sheperd” (sic). “Chance” is a karaoke-friendly über-ballad owing to Stratovarius. This transcends metal and resembles the crooning music that you are tortured with at wedding receptions. A definite skipper. The album does have other rock tracks left in it. “In To The Storm” has more rapping in it but sounds similar to Faith No More. The songs are sung in English and Korean and the ratio between them seems about 1:1. It is a truly eclectic hybrid style of metal.

If you want something different, you might be interested in these guys. I think they may be an indie band and their album is not available outside of Korea and Japan at the moment. All the major Asian music exporters seem to list this. But just remember “IT’S ROCK.”

Killing Songs :
Broken Mirror, In To The Storm, Lone Sheperd
Jay quoted 66 / 100
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