Red Aim - Niagara
Metal Blade
Hard Rock/Stoner
15 songs (49'14)
Release year: 2003
Metal Blade
Reviewed by Danny

The Dallas cowboy gang is back for a new ride with ... Niagara. First of all - in order to avoid any mind trap - these guys are from Germany and Niagara is their seven albums ... and they have nothing to do with Dallas. That been said I must be honest with you : I couldn't believe Red Aim released since 1996 seven albums!

With the number of new bands and albums out there - where will this all end - we didn't have the time to review their previous record (Flesh For Fantasy) and as I said above, this is my first "contact" with Red Aim. In other words, I won't be able to judge Niagara with Red Aim "back catalogue". Believe me, it makes this review much easier :-)

These guys are playing a kind of hard rock/stoner music and after the first spin, the logical parallel that comes to my mind is Black Sabbath. Actually, Red Aim seems directly influenced from the seventies as I could also mention Deep Purple each time I hear the organ. You know, when a band plays stoner music, we (reviewers) have this "usual writing attitude" to draw parallels with Black Sabbath or Kyuss.

The opener puts the flag for the rest of the record. Salamander is a kind of punk/stoner/rock Kyuss track. Catchy, groovy, rock and heavy as hell, it makes me twist on my chair. The bass sounds like a plane reactor ... ready to take off. The production also reminds you the seventies (trapped and compacted sound). Almost Night Train (second track) has a stronger punk touch, with groovy guitar riffs, but the foundation remains metal. Each song contains its "surprise" : Ghost Of Beluga sends you directly to Deep Purple, mainly due to the groove and the organ. The Stupidity of Going East is a kind of psychedelic song, reminding me ... The Doors. Sisal Sister is another cliché between Deep Purple/Black Sabbath.

Niagara - the title track - is the hit (as far as I am concerned of course). With its fast tempo, its rock/punk touch and with the organ sending you again directly back to the 70's. But the funniest part comes from these "ohohoh" surrounding the chorus. A guaranteed triumph ... a long time ago. Hard 16 follows just after Niagara : rocky, boogy, punky. Red Aim continue to mixe different influences toogether ... creating their own blend. Matula is another proof, another evidence these guys have fallen in love with the 70's. I am wondering how much s**t they "smoke" :-)

If you like the seventies, the stoner and if you have nothing against the music style played by Kyuss, Queens Of The Stone Age, not to say Spiritual Beggars, you should check Niagara. Red Aim mixes rock and stoner, with a punk attitude. There's nothing really new here ... but it is definitely well done.

Killing Songs :
Danny quoted 80 / 100
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