Eforce - Evil Forces
Season Of Mist
Hard Heavy Metal
12 songs (46:49)
Release year: 2003
Season Of Mist
Reviewed by Jay

Voivoid bassist Eric Forest formed Eforce using his stage moniker as the bands’ name. This album was recommended by a reader so I tracked it down and gave it a few listens. Unlike most of the albums that have been recommended to me, this one was not what I expected. It was definitely a keeper. The sound is not too dissimilar to that of Voivoid with some exceptions. The pace is considerably faster than Voivod usually plays. The album can does not really present anything new and can drag but is still worth a listen.

The main sticking point is the slower song “Belief.” Its intro is quite Sabbathian but the song does not really go anywhere despite promise. It becomes monotonous very quickly with the same part being repeated ad nauseum. Forrest’s vocals are different here than the rest of the album as he attempts to draw out his words instead of scream them as fast as possible. He should stick to his normal style since his vocals become slightly nu-tinged with this delivery. But on to the good. For starters, “Satanic Rituals” is an in-your-face intro song that kicks some major ass. The up-tempo and chugging buzz saw riffs are the pure essence of metal. The album has production similar to Enemies of Reality in several places and this is one of them. I wish they had some Nevermore style riffs too because while their riffs are good, they could use a tad more variation. The latter songs like “Purgatory” and “Global Warming” remind me of some late era Carcass especially in the guitar work. It cannot be said that these musicians have a dearth of creative influences.

Germ Warfare” is sounds like some Kreator mixed with Nevermore. It is an interesting experiment and you might want to check this out for yourself. The song is no-frills thrash with an interesting bass line. “Crypto-Soporidium” is yet another fast-paced thrash track while “Forest of the Impaled” (written about Vlad the Impaler) is a slower but equally grinding track. The best solo of the album is on the song “Scarring.” This is a truly killing song and probably has the best drum work of the album. The whole album seems to be no frills musically. As mentioned earlier, this won’t change your perspective on music but it’s a fun album to headbang to.

Killing Songs :
Satanic Rituals, Global Warming, Scarring
Jay quoted 75 / 100
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