White Skull - Public Glory, Secret Agony
Breaker Records
Epic Power Metal
11 songs (56'47)
Release year: 2000
White Skull
Reviewed by Chris
Album of the month

Without being too surprising, the new White Skull is a real slap in the face !!! This album (5th for the band) is simply one of the best power metal release this year (no less!). Like I said, last album was already an excellent one and I'm not surprised by the quality and maturity of this new opus.

The album starts with a metal hymn you will not forget, neither could you forget the fantastic guitar intro !!! Killing, simply killing !

For those who don't know White Skull they play a very strong Power Metal, still very melodic and with some Grave Digger influences. The female vocalist has somehow a remotely similar voice than Chris Boldenthal from Grave Digger and when she's singing very aggressively you could almost not say if she's a girl or a guy. The band is very epic and loves history and mythology. This new piece is based on Roman Empire mainly.

So in the end this release is simply amazing... and everything is up to the level, from vocal, to guitar riffs and solos (both amazing), drums, bass and the excellent production : the sound is crystal clear !!! Last but not least the Artcover rocks. A buy-or-die album for all true / power metal fan !

Killing Songs :
All !
Chris quoted 94 / 100
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