Kreator - Endorama
Heavy / Dark Metal
12 songs (50'07)
Release year: 1999
Kreator, Drakkar
Reviewed by Chris

That's a big surprise... some people are gonna be disappointed cause believe me : that doesn't sound like Kreator anymore... and as far as I'm concerned I'm glad they took that direction. This album is excellent ! Nothing to do with their old music, no more Thrash, no more screaming, but melodic heavy metal with black lyrics.

You could compare this album to recent Rage or Sentenced albums. But that's certainly not just the mix of these bands... nope, they also have an ambiance of their own, like a dark shadow flying by while you're listening to Endorama. The album starts with a killer song (Golden Age)... "Let me take you down, deeper than you know, reality is gone, yet so much left to show..." and that puts the ambiance of the album right away !

In your face, Kreator are reborn from the ashes like the phoenix, and from the flames of hell they're rising, burning your thoughts and souls. That's how it feels, probably due to the lyrics and the general ambiance of the album... you could almost feel the devil dancing in your back. Production is excellent, the sound brings the desired atmosphere. What changed in the style ? Well... almost everything, voice is quieter, guitar riffs are slower, more melodic... and guess what ? piano, violins on one track (Everlasting Flame)... and guess who arranged the orchestrations ? Christian Wolf, who also arranged the orchestrations for lasts Rage albums ! So like a said an excellent surprise, and I'm getting excited at the idea of listening to their next album.... pleeeeeease release it fast. A killer album !

Killing Songs :
All of them !
Chris quoted 94 / 100
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