Six Magics - The Secrets of an Island
Underground Symphony
Symphonic Power Metal
17 songs (67:18)
Release year: 2003
Underground Symphony
Reviewed by Jeff

"From one of the most southern countries in the world, we have found the light to show the world that dreams can become true...This is our truth".

That quote seems to be the mission statement of Six Magics, a symphonic power metal outfit from Chile.

"The Secrets of an Island" is the band's second release since their formation in 1996. The current line up consists of Sergio Dominguez (vocals), Erick Avila (guitars), Gabriel Hidalgo (guitars), Mauricio Nader (bass), Pablo Stragnaro (drums) and Sebastian Carrasco (keys).

"The Secrets of an Island" contains 17 tracks, including 6 instrumental and spoken interludes that precede some of the songs. The lyrics mostly focus on Chilean mythology. The title of the album is based on the mythology of ChiloƩ, a Chilean island. The album was produced by Six Magics and recorded at Pig Power Studios from March-August of 2003.

The music of Six Magics is reminiscent of other symphonic power metal outfits like Rhapsody and Therion. They use big sounding male and female vocal choirs along with melodic keyboard passages. They incorporate some acoustical guitars, string arrangements and even some folk sounding flute melodies. The direction of the music is driven by the guitar power chords and riffing of the dual axe attack, topped off by the clarity and strong presence of the lead vocals. Though their usage is only minimal, their are some death vocals in a few of the songs verses.

I like the conceptual nature of the album, being it deals with mythology and all. Over all, the music is good but nothing that stays with me on the first few listens. By that, I mean you have to listen to this album five or six times before the songs really start to sink in.

This is a young band with a bright future ahead of them. They seem to have enough talent that should take them to the next level. I recommend this release to any fan of symphonic power metal or folk metal.

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Killing Songs :
Chaos and Fury, Chiloe C The Creation, Caleuche (The Flying Dutchman), Goddess of the Seas, Trauco (Seed of Pain), Slave of the Sky, The Basilisk
Jeff quoted 74 / 100
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