Breaker - Accept
Auburn Records
Heavy Metal (à la Accept) - EP
7 songs (30'02)
Release year: 1999
Auburn Records
Reviewed by Danny

We would like to thanks Bill from Auburn Records for this "gift". I've read something about this band on RockHard magazine (very good review) and I am very happy to have it today in my CD's metal collection.

First the guitar, THE sound !!!. Guys, this guitar's sound reminds me just one thing : German Heavy Metal Rule. Well with such a band name (Breaker) and record title name (Accept), could it be different. Not really. However, Breaker is not an "Accept copy cat". Far from that. Let's resume it this way : "Accept" sound meets American 80's heavy metal. If you're missing pure heavy metal, if you're missing this typical 80's song writing, if you're missing those 80's riffs, well stop searching ! If this one doesn't suit to you, I am wondering if you will ever find one. And for all those new metal fan kids still wondering "why we (old reviewers) are still in love with the 80's", check this band as part of the answer.

Apart from Breaker (first song - Accept's song recorded in 1999), all other songs have been recorded between 1982-90. Two song have been mixed in 1999 (Action & Life Of Crime) but overall, the production is crystal clear. Not only the sound : songs are really fresh and I still don't realize they were recorded in late 80's.

This EP introduce the forthcoming Auburn double-CD reissue of Breaker's "Get Tough" (due out in March 2000 with bonus tracks). Check out this release or at least...listen to it very carefully ! They really deserve it.
Ah, I almost forgot : you will have the chance to see them in.....Wacken 2000 !!!

Killing Songs :
Breaker, Still Life (yyeeess !!!), 10 Seconds In & Action
Danny quoted 80 / 100
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