Razed In Black - Sacrificed
Cleopatra Records
Industrial Metal with a gothic influence
14 songs (59'32)
Release year: 1999
Cleopatra Records
Reviewed by Kris

"Razed In Black" is a gothy/industrial band- a genre you either love, hate, or have no idea about. For those of you unsure about what exactly this means, think of constant neck-breaking beat, dark/gothic sounding electronic riffs, and a fast paced metal backing.

The actual balance between pure neck-breaking industrial-metal and the gothic influences vary from track to track - as does the pace - but it's never purely one style - "Sacrificed" is a rich blend of music, with every track having a slightly different feel. This unfortunately means no one is likely to like them all.

Songs like "Control" stand out as pure genius, taking a watered-down gothic influence and adding a beat that any dance fan would appreciate, and a metal bombardment any metal fan would appreciate - if everyone weren't so opposed to each other's music.

"Nightmare", on the other hand, is a pure metal-techno onslaught that'd scare the hell outta the average clubber, but is awesome if you can stomach the pace. Think NiN + Atari Teenage Riot + more metal.

All in all, what we have here is a CD that shows an impressive diversity of styles and influences, but for most it's too much. Industrial fans should definitely check it out; it's a great CD. New-wave gothic fans should be careful; this is a relentlessly paced onslaught of styles, most definitely including metal. True metal heads, avoid unless you're feeling adventurous.

Killing Songs :
"Control", "Nightmare", and the cover of Metallica's "Damage, Inc"
Kris quoted 82 / 100
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