Oratorio - The Reality of Existence
Rivel Records
Christian True Metal
10 songs (50:35)
Release year: 2004
Oratorio, Rivel Records
Reviewed by Jay

When we review bands with heavy Christian undertones, it becomes hard to separate what you believe from the message in the music. Bands like Oratorio and Narnia challenged me in that way. Despite this, I still managed to keep my beliefs out of this review. It is rare that you actually see pro-Christian music being reviewed on this site. In general, I find most Christian metal to be lackluster when compared to non-Christian music of the same genre. This release is far from an exception.

The guitar is pretty uninspired for the duration of the whole album. A few riffs here and a solo there cannot do much to save the musical direction. Most Finnish bands today have some baseline of talent which this band tries to emulate unsuccessfully. It really sounds as if they have never heard a shredding solo before. The music is subdued and most of it places the vast emphasis on the lyrics which are unambiguously pro-Christ. The keyboard sound as well as the bass are simplistic and boring most of the time. The one element that is interesting is the violin which appears on several tracks including the Manowar styled ballad “Taivaallinen Jerusalem” (Heavenly Jerusalem). Then we have the vocals. You cannot be in a true band without great vocals. In this case we have the same voice singing in the same monotone style for the entire album. It’s as if all the lessons of the true gods of old have been defenestrated. Where are the soaring vocals? I guess Christ is not pleased by men singing the way women should.

I could delve deeper into this release but I’m not going to because I know that most of you readers won’t give two shits about this once you find out that it is Christian music. This album can be best described as a yawn from start to finish.

Killing Songs :
Nothing on this album really stands out.
Jay quoted 64 / 100
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