Killswitch Engage - The End of Heartache
Roadrunner Records
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Killswitch Engage, Roadrunner Records
Reviewed by Jason
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There are likely two reasons why you’ve decided to read this review. My guess would be to either A) reinforce your already made descision about buying this album the day it comes out, or B) to litter the page with posts saying that “This is the most overrated band ever!”. Although I’ve followed Killswitch since their Self-Titled album and consider them to be one of my favorite bands, I have to make it clear that I’m perhaps one of the biggest critics when it comes to this entire Metalo-Hardcore synthesis we’re seeing more and more of lately. The Hatebreeds, Thrice’s, and Avenged Sevenfold’s trying to convince the 15 year old Headbangers Ball viewers that they’re metal reminds me of what the Blink 182’s and the Good Charlottes did to the punk scene back a few years ago, and it is blatantly WRONG. Though one can classify Killswitch Engage as a breed of the aforementioned groups, I believe that they’re certainly at the head of the genre and possibly the best Hardcore band with strong Metal influences out there.

Ever since my first listen of “Alive or Just Breathing” I’ve been eagerly anticipating what these crazy Massachusetts residents were going to come up with next. “Alive or Just Breathing” simply blew me out of the water with its raw aggressiveness, thrashy style, and explosive vocals, so I’ve been hoping that “The End of Heartache” would follow the same stylistic path and delve even deeper into that killer sound. While reading the some posts in the forums a few weeks ago, I noticed somebody mentioning that “Rose of Sharyn”, which is on the new album, was available for download off the Killswitch Engage website. That was the moment one of my eyebrows raised and I said to myself “Rose of Sharyn?… Please don’t tell me they’ve caught this idiotic Emo disease that’s been going around”. I’m quite sure most of you are familiar of what Emo is, but for those of you who aren’t Emo is melodramatic music capable of turning healthy, ordinary people into over emotional, star drawing, mega-pussies. My sentiments weren’t exactly uplifted either when I saw the album cover displays a picture of a heart with pins in it, but contrary to my initial perceptions and aside from the Emoish chorus, the song is a definite killer as is the rest of the album. Killswitch have smoothened the rawness of their previous releases and have really dished up a bombastic album that ranges from a mellow, clear sung , “My Last Serenade” style, all the way to “Vide Infra” brutality. They’ve also evaded the biggest flaw that is often found in Metalo-hardcore albums and that’s lack of variation and overly “chugging” guitars. The pace and beats CONSTANTLY change up from slow and plodding to fast and destructive, and while I don’t particularly enjoy the Emoish aspect of the clear-sung vocals, I do admit that they fit nicely together with the heavy riff and hammering drums.

The disc begins with “A Bid Farewell” which is a great opener as it sums up the overall style of the album. Furious speeds, plodding choruses, bloodcurdling and clean vocals are all elements that are found on this tune. Songs like “Breathe Life” are truly the highlight of this album though. “Breathe Life” is an absolute killer that starts off with a fantastic and speedy riff that will compel anyone to deal damage to their upper vertebrae. My banging head was interrupted roughly half way through this tune though, as a guitar solo was busted out that really shocked me. While the solo is fairly short, it’s still fairly surprising to hear it for the first time from a band that typically doesn’t have any… and do it well too!

Though I could continue describing each song in detail, I’d rather you pick up this album May 11th and discover it on your own. Despite the hints of Emo, this is still a fabulous release and will definitely please all the Killswitch fans one way or another. As for the future, I sincerely hope Killswitch doesn’t fall sicker to the Emo virus and am looking forward to thrashing front row when they come to Montreal with In Flames.

Buy this album!!!

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Jason quoted 91 / 100
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