Van Halen - Women And Children First
Warner Bros. Records
Hard Rock
9 songs (33.37)
Release year: 1980
Van Halen, Warner Bros. Records
Reviewed by Aleksie
Archive review
After the more laid back (at least soundwise) Van Halen II the Pasadena Boys returned to the more furiously rocking sounds of their debut album. Eddies guitar and the overall sounds of the album are again more meaty and punchy, with everything in perfect balance in the mix and production.

And The Cradle Will Rock shows the first hint of synthesizers, that became very dominant on latter Van Halen records, and does so in fine fashion. The good mid-tempo rocker sets the pace for the four rock gems that follow. Everybody Wants Some and Fools pick a nice pace with Alexs tribal drumming in the former and Eddies tasty riffs that support Roths witty lyrics up into orbit. Davids vocals are as stupendous as they always have been in their own, charismatic, "devil-may-care" style. Eddie scorches another fantastic solo piece in the form of the intro to Fools. Romeo Delight is another speedy rocker that shows just why nobody did party rock as well as Van Halen. The moody, short instrumental Tora! Tora! shows the first signs of the darker musical approach that VH took on Fair Warning. Loss Of Control shoots blasting away like a drag racer on a strip of desert road with its maniacly fast tempo and awesome riffing. Take Your Whiskey Home is a nice acoustic starting ode to boozing and its obvious, “but-who-really-cares” disadvantages. Once again Eddie burns the fretboard with the solos. Could This Be Magic is a very nice and in parts even funny bluesy acoustic number, with great choir sections. The closing track In A Simple Rhyme is the only track on the album that could be called a mediocre tune or a bit of a filler in my mind, but its not that bad, just doesn’t live up to the otherwise great material, even though it does sport a damn catchy chorus.

Van Halen scored big time on the third offering as well, delivering another slab of excellent, vintage hard rock. For every fan of 70s and 80s good-time rock, this record is a must have, and I would recommend it to anyone who likes just simple, good rock music. People who like to have a good time, here is another record exactly for you!

Killing Songs :
And The Cradle Will Rock, Everybody Wants Some, Fools, Romeo Delight, Loss Of Control, Take Your Whiskey Home & Could This Be Magic
Aleksie quoted 92 / 100
Jeff quoted 84 / 100
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