Suicide Dream - Suicide Dream
Self Financed
Gothic Doom Metal
4 songs (25:42)
Release year: 2003
Reviewed by Jay
Crap of the month

One of the many good aspects of the now closed metal house L’amour was that you could be assured at the end of the night that you would go home with at least two demos from unsigned local bands. This is how I encountered Suicide Dream. If you want to talk about crap, this band fits the description. I have heard many Goth bands that were not worth the burned copies of their demo but this is unbelievable. The guitars are a beyond pathetic attempt to blatantly copy Type O Negative. They sound like horrid feedback or an electric razor being grated over guitar strings. Neither of the two female vocalists have any conception of what singing is. Apparently, they believe that they can drone on and on trying to copy Cristina Scabbia or Madder Mortem’s Agnete Kirkevaag. Each song, with the exception of the intro to "The Serpent's Mark" is a drone fest of gloomy tempos, random guitar picking and atrocious drumming. It actually sounds as if this band decided to forgo musical integrity and all sense of keeping time. The vocals come in at the wrong time; the drums are off by almost an entire beat at points. Piss poor is the sound quality. Rarely is there a track that sounds mediocre. Most of them sound distant and shallow. This band needs to stop assaulting our ears with bullshit like this. I cannot believe that they have major label interest. I personally blame Evanescence for that.

Killing Songs :
Jay quoted 17 / 100
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