Metal Church - The Weight of the World
American Power Metal
10 songs (56.25)
Release year: 0
Metal Church, Steamhammer
Reviewed by Jeff

Metal Church's last album was released back in 1999. It was called "Masterpeace" and it was just that; a phenomenal comeback album from start to finish. The band consisted of 80% of the original Metal Church lineup, including the return of David Wayne on vocals. Unfortunately, his stay would be short lived due to musical differences between himself and other members of Metal Church. Wayne wanted a heavier, more straightforward sound and left to form a new outfit called Wayne. In 2001 he released an album called "Metal Church". It was meant to show what he thought a new Metal Church album should sound like, pissing off former Metal Church bandmates in the process. This was also an excellent release, capturing a sound, feel and style similar to the first two Metal Church albums.

It's hard to believe that it's been almost five years, but Metal Church have returned with another strong effort entitled "The Weight of the World". The only two original members left are Kurdt Vanderhoof (guitars) and Kirk Arrington (drums). With those two important elements still included, as well as new vocalist Ronny Munroe, bassist Steve Unger and guitarist Jay Reynolds (ex-Malice), Metal Church have managed to retain their classic power metal sound and create something that is sure to please fans of old and new..

Seven of the ten tracks were written by both Vanderhoof and Munroe, who sounds very much like David Wayne at times. Munroe has a good range, occasionally hitting the high shrieking Udo-like cries. One thing I notice about this album is that the vocals are layered and over dubbed during the chorus parts, something that never seemed to be as predominant on earlier Metal Church albums. Also, the vocals on this release are probably some of the most melodic at times as well as powerful.

The songs still have the trademark double bass kicks, quick machete like guitar riffing and power chords. However, some of the songs have more areas that are slower and progressed out, using clean guitar parts and underlying keys to help accent areas. This could be Vanderhoof's influence from his side project and maybe a reason why Wayne left. Don't get me wrong, it's still Metal Church, but I feel this album might take a while to get used to for some.

"The Weight of the World" is slowly growing on me with each listen. It's some of Metal Church's most mature writing to date. Prepare to listen to a ten track sermon delivered by one of America's longest lasting power metal outfits.



Killing Songs :
Hero's Soul, Cradle To The Grave, Sunless Sky, Weight of the World, Leave Them Behind, Madman's Overture
Jeff quoted 79 / 100
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