Kamelot - The Expedition (Live)
Noise Records
Epic Symphonic Metal
8 songs (42'19)
Release year: 2000
Kamelot, Noise Records
Reviewed by Claus

Kamelot have evolved into quite a sales-factor on the symphonic power/epic scene with it's very melodic yet partly symphonic metal, somewhere between Crimson Glory, Rhapsody and Helloween. With vocalist Roy S.Khan (known from Conception) this Florida-outfit has been succesfully touring Europe in April 2000 together with Crimson Glory and Evergrey ... it is from this tour that "The Expedition" stems ... one great sounding and very professionally done live album. Unfortunately, as a fan of the band, this cd only covers 45 minutes worth of live material as well as three-unreleased-bonus tracks, and that really is too little to release nowadays. I'd been expecting at least an hour or one-and-a-half worth of live material, so this is nowhere fullfilling my wishes. However, it is all extremely welldone, and the perfect renditions of "Millennium", "The Fourth Legacy" and "Call Of The Sea" makes this a hell of a great live album. Now, please go back on tour asap, and this time make a more monumental live-recording than this!!!!

Killing Songs :
Millenium & Call Of The Sea
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