Chroma Key - You Go Now
Massacre Records
Prog Metal ???
9 songs (39'20)
Release year: 2000
Massacre Records
Reviewed by Danny

Very strange. Are we still talking about metal here ? Not at all ... or may be the most "Pink Floyding" one. This is a very atmospheric album (The Gathering How To Mesure A Planet ?, Anathema's Judgment). Pink Floyd is everywhere in thia Chroma Key record. Kevin Moore, who was playing keyboard for Dream Theater before, has produced this new record with the help of Steve Tushar. The progressive part of this You Go Now has no really connection with Dream Theater. In fact this record reminds me more the original soundtrack of Le Grand Bleu (French movie) with a lot of "space" melodies.

This is the type of music I can hear when I am tired, when I need to empty my brain or need to fly in the sky ... like the guy we see on the art cover. A good second shot and a must for all "atmospheric" fans out there.

Killing Songs :
The "atmospheric" space sound
Danny quoted 70 / 100
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