Caliban - The Opposite from Within
Roadrunner Records
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Caliban, Roadrunner Records
Reviewed by Jason

Besides being the name of a German metalcore band, Caliban is the impetuous slave in Shakespeare’s “Storm”… not an alphabetical twist on a certain middle-eastern fundamentalist movement, as some may think. The Opposite from Within is Caliban’s 5th studio effort and was mixed and mastered by Andy Sneap (Machine Head, Killswitch Engage, Arch Enemy) and more interestingly was produced by In Flames’s front man himself Anders Friden (A signifier of In Flame’s musical direction?).

Stylistically, Caliban’s music is what you would describe as typical metalcore that follows the same vein as bands such as Killswitch Engage, Heaven Shall Burn and Zao. Crushing guitars, aggressive screams and massive breakdowns are all feats that the band handles well, but without being able to take it over the top. Melodically, this band sounds like a carbon copy and paste of many of the aforementioned bands, which is fine considering that the riffs and melodies in metalcore are fairly limited, but what I don’t understand is why the heck most of these bands all have clear sung interludes that follow the same vocal patterns. They all have some sort of faded and smooth vocals in the distance, sometimes accompanying the aggressive ones, and they all sound melodramatic. Compare the clear vocals in From Autumn to Ashes, Unearth or Killswitch and you’ll see that they all practically sound the same! The same definitely goes go Caliban, except Denis Schmit’s clear voice is actually quite extraordinary. I’d even go so far as to say that I’d prefer hearing his vocals any day before Andreas Dörner’s aggressive ones any day. Dörner’s voice sounds very run of the mill hardcore, but Schmit’s voice is truly amazing and I’d kill to hear what he would sound like leading in progressive metal band.

Putting breakdown after breakdown aside, there are some fairly poignant instrumental moments on the album that qualify more as thrash than anything else that are quite killer. Tunes like I’ve Sold Myself, One of There Days, and 100 Suns all feature some brief thrashy moments that will have your head banging and fist pounding hard for a bit despite the lack of solos.

Overall, The Opposite Within is a fairly good, energy driven release when it comes to metalcore standards. If Denis Schmit we ever to start a band in which he sung lead vocals though, I’m sure it would blow Caliban out of the water.

Killing Songs :
I've Sold Myself, Stigmata, Sensless Fight, One of There Days
Jason quoted 70 / 100
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