Sentenced - The Funeral Album
Century Media
Dark Metal
13 songs (49'44)
Release year: 2005
Sentenced, Century Media
Reviewed by Chris
Major event

Its with unmasked sadness that I review that album, since its probably the last of the band (announced as such, though I would lie if I said I didn't secretly hope one day they'll re-unite). A band that grew in me since the very first time I listened to an album of theirs (I believe it was Down). I was hooked quickly and I've been a fan ever since. I've never digged the first albums though, probably too brutal and raw at the time for my tastes, maybe now I will since my tastes in brutal music have largely widened since that period. Anything before Amok I know only a litlle. So how's this new album ? Well, I'm personally enchanted with it, I've been listening to it since a month now, and I find myself having problems to push the eject button of my autoradio... and even if I do, the album gets back in there very quickly.

If you liked Cold White Light, you'll love The Funeral Album, its the perfect continuation. The songs are so freaking catchy, especially the choruses, that its totally impossible for me not to sing along while I'm listening, its like being under a Sentenced spell. The lyrics are typical Sentenced, I personnaly found them funny and don't get touched by the "dark side" they might induced depending on which mood one can be. I personally kinda love lyrics like "I have Dreams, Of Hammering Your Skulls, Fantasies Of Bashing In Your Brains" from the song Vengeance Is Mine, which is one of my favorite track of this excellent album and from Sentenced alltogether. The albums contains interesting guitar riffs, some almost borderlike Bon Jovi like in the excellent opener May Today Become The Day, other original riffs with excellent effects like in Lower The Flags. Some great guitar solos then and there too, and some nice original breaks as well, like in Vengeance is Mine, the break is really original with the addition of angelic female choirs. Its something you wouldn't really expect from Sentenced but its beautifully done and I personnaly love it. The same kind of choirs are back in the latest track, progressive and epic, End Of The Road is the perfect way to end the album, and I guess these guy's discography. Its guitar solo is emotional and so melodic and long long, I love it !

The only thing I don't like too much is the two interlude tracks, one very raw, probably a tribute to pre-Amok days, which doesn't make much sense (cause it sounds nothing like the rest of the album), and a classic guitar one that while not awful seems totally unnecessary except to round up the track numbers up to 13 maybe. I could really live without these two tracks, since I tend to always skip them. But beside this little detail, the album is simply an amazing melodic dark ride and I love every song on this last album. Vocals aren't too harsh, basically the same as the previous few albums. The only song with different vocals would be Drain Me, where Ville's vocals sounds exactly like Lordi. Though I guess we could say Lordi sounds like Ville most of the time anyway :).

This album is the perfect way to say good-bye, though if you like it as much as I do you'll probably be pissed and sad that this is indeed the last album. I would have loved listening to tons of new songs from these guys, they're the best in their category as far as I'm concerned. Though I still have trouble to categorize them, somehow. I have no doubt that die hard fans of the old time won't like this album, not very agressive, almost poppish melodic catchy choruses, and mostly clear vocals. But the songs melodies are so good, so catchy indeed (why on earth do I always see Teal'c in my head when I use that word, LOL !), that I continuously sing the songs one after the other all day long and I never get bored of the album. I must have listened to it hundred times already, and I still love it just like I did on the first listen. It is with heavy heart that I say goodbye and good luck to Sentenced members. I hope that each members side projects and new bands will bring us more happiness through the years. Thanks for that final masterpiece, we won't forget you any day soon guys.

Killing Songs :
All except the two useless interludes (track 5 & 12)
Chris quoted 96 / 100
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