The 69 Eyes - Blessed Be
Roadrunner Records
Gothic Rock
11 songs (44'55)
Release year: 2000
Roadrunner Records
Reviewed by Danny

Here comes some goth 'n' roll from Finland. Well, well, well. At the end of this record I guarantee you those guys have been influenced by Paradise Lost and must be mega fan of Lake Of Tears, because that's a mixture of those two bands. They have finally added some "electro" elements here and there and it becomes a type of electro-gothico-rock'n'roll.

We have heard that a thousand times with Paradise Lost or from all those "copycat" bands who are not able to digest their influences. Don't misunderstand my word : it is quiet good gothic album. If you like Paradise Lost (Draconian Times) or last Lake Of Tears (Forever Autumn, I still don't believe this band has split), you might like The 69 Eyes.

I highly suggest you to buy the above mentioned cd if you haven't them (Draconian Times or Forever Autumn).
This Blessed Be is for fans who wants to have everything out of the gothic scene.

Killing Songs :
Velvet Touch, Framed In Blood
Danny quoted 65 / 100
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