Kreator - Past Life Trauma
Noise Records
18 songs (78'20)
Release year: 2000
Kreator, Noise Records
Reviewed by Danny

Here comes a "best of" from one of the best European thrash metal band. Released by Noise ?!?

Last Kreator's Endorama was released under BMG. Kreator is back with Noise ? Actually it is a "best of" the band from 1985 to 1992 when Kreator was ... with Noise Records.

Well in two words (it doesn't diserve much more), if you don't have this period and would like a "compressed" album, this one is for you (album covered by this best of are : Endless Pain, Pleasure To Kill, Into The Light, Extreme Aggression, Renewal and Coma Of Sould). Ah yes, four rare tracks have been included (rare, not unreleased). A good best of which resumes Kreator's "start-up" career (78 min!).

For fans of the band and of course for fans of thrash metal who still don't know them.

Killing Songs :
That's a best of so ...
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