Savage Circus - Dreamland Manor
Blind Guardian Heavy Metal
11 songs (57'35)
Release year: 2005
Savage Circus, Dockyard 1
Reviewed by Danny
Surprise of the month

To be honest with you, I forgot that Thomen Stauch left the Bards (Blind Guardian) when I was in touch with Savage Circus. I also forgot that Thomen and Piet Sielk were already playing together on the first Iron Savior album. Even though last Persuader album was on my 2004 list, I definitely forgot that Jens Carlsson (Persuader's vocalist) was singing like Hansi Kurch. Well after just one spin, my memory was back on track.

Thomen Stauch - former drummer of Blind Guardian - wrote traditional Blind Guardian songs (thrashy & speedy heavy metal stuff). He created a new band with Piet Sielk (Iron Savior), an old friend and producer of the Persuader album Evolution Purgatory. Piet introduced him to Jens and Emil Norberg (Persuader's guitarist). The story said that even Thomas could not believe his ears when he first listens to Jens singing. We realize now that Thomen wasn't "happy" with the last Blind Guardian records. He was missing the old days of Tales From The Twilight World and Imaginations From The Other Side. Well, me too !!! And this is what Dreamland Manor is all about. A big kick in the ass sending us back to these two great heavy/thrashy metal albums.

As soon as Evil Eyes kicks in, everything sounds like the Bards. The drumming (no sure ?), the voice of Jens (identical to Hansi but if you bought Evolution Purgatory you can't be surprised), the structure of the song, THE WHOLE THING sounds like the good old Blind Guardian. Gosh I can say my ears have an orgasm each time I listen to Savage Circus. My best friend introduced me to Blind Guardian with Tales From The Twilight World a long time ago and Dreamland Manor is now back to remind me how fine, superior, high-quality is this classic record from the Bards. Of course Blind Guardian's die-hard fan and the usual crank readers will yell copy-paste, but who f****** cares. At least not me :)

The fourth track, Tomorrowland - an epic track with the traditional and killing Blind Guardian chorus - is a big swipe in the face !!! When Hell Awakes is another diamond, being one of my favourite tracks. Between The Devil And The Seas is another catchy song with the conventional pre-chorus and chorus Blind Guardian trademark that gets spot-printed in your mind. The only "weak" track here is the ballad Beyond Reality missing Blind Guardian's magical ballad touch.

With Hansi and Co taking each time four years to deliver a new record - as the song-writing gets more complicated album after album ? - , Savage Circus is just as good as a new Blind Guardian album. Lucky open minded fans.

Savage Circus Dreamland Manor has taken the lead on my surprise list for 2005. And I could bet my whole salary it will not loose the first place.

Buy or die !!!

Killing Songs :
Evil Eyes, Between The Devil And The Seas, Tomorrowland, When Hell Awakes
Danny quoted 90 / 100
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