Neurothing - Vanishing Celestial Bodies (EP)
Self Financed
4 songs (17:11)
Release year: 2005
Reviewed by Al

In the overpopulated landscape of modern metalcore I can’t help approach new releases or bands with a small measure of trepidation as a large quantity of it that crosses my eardrums is stale and unoriginal and sounds like faux angry young men going through the motions. I haven’t however completely given up hope and continuously hope to discover something that doesn’t sound like Hatebreed with a hangover.

Neurothing are a brand spanking new Polish band, formed in late 2004. They finalised their lineup in early 2005 and are currently in search of a label. I came into possession of their demo EP into my stereo and was impressed with what I heard. They play a tight blend of metalcore vocals and heavy as hell riffs that wind around drum lines that change tempo with incredible regularity and impressive slickness. The guitar and drum work is by far the bands strong point and I see a lot of potential there. The riffs may not be mind-blowingly innovative but the song structures and sparse melodic breaks have tremendous potential. The vocals on the other hand are nothing special, competent but no different or superior than other bands of this ilk.

The EP kicks off with Never Core which starts off sounding like a Chimera offcut but vastly improves toward the end via the implementation of a pounding stop start rhythm. It managed to keep me interested where normally I would have just phased out. All in all an average track which is happily overshadowed by the others. Macheta is so far the bands flagship track, having already recorded a video for it. Not the strongest track on this short offering but it does show off their strengths in the way of the aforementioned odd tempos and rhythms. The other two tracks Anomaly and Vanishing Celestial Bodies are the more impressive. The former bears a lot of similarity to Macheta but exhibits more variance. The latter is the best track and inspirationally throws conventional song structure to the wind resulting in a sound which is very appealing and fresh.

I liked what I heard from these guys and if they stuck with the template struck down with the closing track I think there’s a lot of potential here. I do however feel that they would benefit from varying their vocal style slightly as the signature metalcore growl is something vastly overused in the scene today. The other thing worth mentioning is that for what is essentially a demo release the quality of production is surprisingly good. Hopefully they’ll gain themselves a record deal on the back of this release as I am definitely interested in hearing more. An MP3 of Macheta is available on the bands website for the curious ones among you.

Killing Songs :
Vanishing Celestial Bodies
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