Stampin'Ground - Carved From Empty Words
Century Media
10 songs (36'36)
Release year: 2000
Century Media
Reviewed by Danny

I will try to have also a review "from empty words". This metallic hardcore band out of the UK, playing an explosive mix of dynamic hardcore and pounding thrash metal should listen to Scandinavian bands like The Haunted or Carnal Forge who have transcended this music style (thrash at the border of hardcore) to a new dimension and given a new life to this metal style.

So I will be as much as "possibly empty" in my advise : old school thrash/hardcore fans will find a few interesting songs, but nothing more than that. Only if you are into this kind of music or ... if you really think you can Carved From Empty Words!

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Killing Songs :
Officer Down
Danny quoted 35 / 100
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