Usurper - Necronemesis
Necropolis Records
True Heavy/Death Metal
10 songs (72'06 (trap!))
Release year: 2000
Usurper, Necropolis Records
Reviewed by Danny

Usurper was formed in 1992 by Diabolical Slaughter (vocals) and Rick "Rigor" Scythe (guitar). They longed to create music that captured the feel of true crushing heavy metal in the tradition of black/death/thrash metal.

Their first demo Visions From The Gods (re-released in 2000 with bonus tracks) hit the planet in 1994. Since the original release of Visions... the band has released three other assaults. With Necronemesis, Usurper continues to deliver us old school thrash/death metal ... may be their most impressive recordings to date ... may be a masterpiece for the underground metal fans out there who are totally devoted to this style.

However, from "may be" I will tell you surely that this music is well done, but is also so conventional, so old-school, so "past-millenium" that except die-hard fans of Usurper or thrash/death fans, it is going to be another forgettable record.

Ah I almost forgot : the last song (10th, Into The Oblong Box) is 37 minutes long divided in three chapter.
Chapter 1 : 5'10 song.
Chapter 2 : 27' of "no sound".
Chapter 3 : 5'00 of the same "Hey" sound (bass riff + a "hey" by the vocalist).

Sometimes I am wondering if everybody out there is ... normal. An average record from a cult underground band.

Killing Songs :
Full Metal Maelstrom (really excellent !)
Danny quoted 50 / 100
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