Carnal Forge - Firedemon
Century Media
Hyper-Speed Thrash Metal
12 songs (34'57)
Release year: 2000
Carnal Forge, Century Media
Reviewed by Danny
Album of the month

Simply put, the album is just f**king incredible. This is of course due to the experience of these musicians, coupled with my opinion that these guys have a true gift for writing unbievable technical and memorable speed/thrash metal songs. The guitar work is melodious and overall it is a very fast train.

I listen to this and easily think to myself, "A new age in speed/thrash is born". Songs are quite short (average of 3 minutes), but they kill. Perfectly balancing the guitar melody of the Gothenburg sound with the fury of the NWOSDM (New Wave Of Swedish Death Metal), Firedemon is easily one of the best albums of 2000 with The Haunted (Made Me Do It), highlighted by strong musical performances from all five fronts.

I could go into the small details, such as Too Much Hell Ain't Enough For Me (first song) inspired by a bombastic riff, or both guitarist's killer solos flowing from everywhere, or the typical thrash killer song I Smell Like Death (third song), but instead I'll just leave you with this simple statement that Carnal Forge's Firedemon blows away anything I've heard in the last 6 months. And when I say "blows", I am still very far from it.

Carnal Forge is a new force (may the force be with you :-)) in the speed/thrash metal. A MUST for all speed/thrash metal fans.

Killing Songs :
12 fast-hyper-thrash songs. They will cut your breath.
Danny quoted 93 / 100
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