Man's Evil - Real Horrorshow
Power Thrash
6 songs (27:19)
Release year: 2005
Man's Evil
Reviewed by Ken
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When did parents stop beating their children for screaming? I’d like to know. Why do bands insist on foregoing actually singing for this horrendous screaming? Sadly, I have a band here that takes it to new heights and puts the needle on the Suck-O-Meter far into the red. Man’s Evil came to life out of a nightmare. I can’t prove it, but it’s the only thing that makes sense. The band hails from California, a decidedly non-evil locale, yet this album is clearly evil. Painful, a “real horrorshow,” if you will. Ha! My wit is endless.

I’ll make this quick; the production is terrible, the playing is sloppy and the singer deserves a Tobasco colonic. The CDs best aspect is the musicianship, the music isn’t really that bad, but it’s marred by sloppy playing and a production value that would make the demos of every unsigned 80’s black metal band seem like masterpieces in production. The most ridiculous part of this album is the singer and how he convinced anyone to allow him near a microphone. He goes from this quasi-death metal growl—that isn’t all that bad—to the most annoying squawk-n-squeal-fest I think I’ve ever heard. It’s unbelievable that the other members of this band heard this guy and thought, “Yeah, he’s good.” No. He’s not. He’s not even close to good. Fire him. NOW! If the band were to acquire someone with more skill behind the mic, someone with an actual singing voice, then they’d be in business. They’d have a lot of work to do in tightening up their playing skills and learning how to properly produce their music, but at this rate the singer is deadweight and Man’s Evil are at the bottom of a deep barrel.

Generally I try to find anything and everything that is positive about a release and focus on that more than the negative aspects. Unfortunately there is nary a crumb of anything positive to discuss about Real Horrorshow, except maybe the final track, which is an instrumental. Virtually anything that makes noise I would score higher than this album.

And I just farted.

AUDIO Warning: One Night’s Chivalry and Luna Sea

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Killing Songs :
Celestial Funeral (Instrumental)
Ken quoted 10 / 100
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