Fairlight - Le Bal Des Eternels
Diamond Records
Melodic Heavy/Black Metal
5 songs (37'56)
Release year: 2000
Reviewed by Chris

The album starts with an excellent musical intro, mixing keyboards and heavy riffs to achieve a very melodic start. Everyhthing is okay until the vocalist opens his mouth and start singin (speaking) or throwing up ?

This is the PERFECT exemple on how to destroy a band with some musically very interesting ideas, but no good vocalist. So let's throw up in microphone, after all some people like that.

The songs are quite long... The smallest one being 6 minutes and the longest 9 minutes. The guitars are the real strongpoint of this band and with such melodies and guitar solos I seriously think they should find a good vocalist to make their music more digestive, and more enjoyable. There are voices I can bear (not here, I meant in general), but for me this is typically a vocal of someone that is unable to sing. Too bad. The singer is also the lead guitar, which explains everything. The band simply doesn't have a singer and someone had to do it (just like Stratovarius in the begining, and it wasn't pretty either).

But the music makes it up for the vocal here... atmospheric to fast, sometimes even true metal like, with a progressive touch, everything is very original and there are some impressive guitar melodies and solos. Sometimes even reminding me some Patrick Rondat moments. The production could be better as the drums sounds like a drum-machine along with some other mixing issues. The keyboards samples could also be more targeted for metal as they aren't always and sometimes sound kinda weird.

The instrumental moments can be simply excellent and if you don't care about the vocal parts then I suggest you check this French band as they are very original and melodic to the bones. But if you only like clear singers, then simply avoid it as you will be desperate on the vocal parts (even if they are few). Some additional girl vocals will add atmosphere to the music. I know I repeat myself, but musically this band is quite impressive, they just lack a decent vocalist and I'm sure they can rise up in front of the scene. That's all I wish them.

Killing Songs :
Type 3 & Le Bal Des Eternels
Chris quoted 65 / 100
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