Vibracathedral Orchestra - Tuning To The Rooster
Improvised Noise
4 songs (53:23)
Release year: 2005
Reviewed by Misha

It starts as a rock in the water, splash! And then it’s just the waves of sound slowly fading away from their reason. The songs are crescendos, but the wrong way around. The noisiest of Godspeed You! Black Emperor, inverted and structure-less. This is a leaving train, the drone of a bomb, the echo of a well. The sound changes all the time, but very little at a time and never in colour. It’s a pool to drown in, and a breaking wave of noise that takes fifteen minutes to die on a beach of silence. The sound is constructed out electronics, guitars, flutes, violins, piano, different forms of percussion and instruments that I can only guess at. And that all at the same time, or fading out into minimalism with just drones and a piano. There is no control, there is no reason nor structure, there is just the action and chaos streaming from it.

The sound is organic, dynamic, and above all, very psychedelic. Due to some instruments, the noise has a firm Eastern vibe, but at the same time it sounds like minimalists like Steve Reich or Philip Glass. In a less abstract description, think of playing Music In Twelve Parts (by the latter) together with the Indian folk film music record of your choice, add some electronics and you have an idea of what Vibracathedral Orchestra is doing. However the description does not explicitly tell, this very much is beautiful music, not only in melody, but also in serenity. In one word: hypnotising.

This is a record for people who can’t see what could be interesting about an hour of minimalist improvised psychedelic noise. And for people who can.

Killing Songs :
The term "song" is inappropriate.
Misha quoted 80 / 100
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