Chaosfear - One Step Behind Anger
Thrash Metal
8 songs (40:59)
Release year: 2006
Reviewed by Ken
Surprise of the month

With a recent resurgence of metal bands, Brazil is fast becoming for South America’s metal community what Finland is to Europe’s.

The doors to Brazil’s metal community have been opened, as have my eyes. I have quickly come to view Brazil as one of metal’s best kept secrets. Over the course of the past few months I have been introduced to far too many bands from that corner of the world to think otherwise. First came Scars, then Hicsos, Syren, Reckoning, Helltown, to name a few, and now Chaosfear, a three-piece killer that is all too convincing for anyone to ignore.

Formed in 1999 under the name Sick Mind the band released one self-titled demo before changing their name to Chaosfear. One more demo (Inside The Extreme World) was released in 2004. One Step Behind Anger is the bands first proper release, an eight-song (plus a hidden track) onslaught of brutal, uncompromising thrash metal.

“Hard Time For The Wrong Man” sets the tone with some speedy late-Eighties-like thrash riffs and frenetic drumming, but it also drops in a mid-section groove and some death metal flourishes. “Incongruous Possession” and the title track follow suit in much the same manner, the latter coming off like a mid-era Sepultura track. “Denied Rights” stands out as the album’s best track, showcasing a fast and fierce groove that’s similar to something Satyricon might do these days—“Fuel For Hatred,” for instance—only heavier. “Detestation Inc.” is a dark mover, lightning fast when it’s on full tilt, but dynamically shifting from heavier moments to mellow interludes and grooves in between. A hidden track follows by the name of “Absolute Rejection,” a killer re-recording of the lead-off track from their Inside The Extreme World demo.

Not every song works, however, as I’m not a fan of the disjointed beginning portion of “Driven By Hate” and the weird intro to “Dust Structure” with its backwards sample, but these are minor flaws. The production isn’t perfect, it’s rough around the edges and raw, a quality that some may dislike, but one I think actually enhances the dark, savage nature of the album. Occasionally the snare hits a hollow tone that I’m not too big on, but again, a minor flaw. The musicianship is excellent and the vocals are merciless and acidic, exactly what your mother would hate (i.e. perfect for this kind of music).

One Step Behind Anger is yet more proof that thrash metal is alive, well and kicking ass in the underground trenches of South America. One would be wise to pay attention because Chaosfear is just one in an ocean of many.

AUDIO: Incongruous Possession, One Step Behind Anger and Absolute Rejection (from Inside The Extreme World, which is free to download on their website)

Note: In time these links will likely becoming outdated.

Killing Songs :
Hard Time For The Wrong Man, Incongruous Possessionm, Denied Rights and Dust Structure
Ken quoted 85 / 100
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