Misteltein - Rape In Rapture
No Fashion Records
Symphonic Black Metal
9 songs (60'29)
Release year: 2000
Misteltein, No Fashion Records
Reviewed by Marc

"Symphonic Black Metal", inspired by Dimmu Borgir or Old Man's Child, is a genre that is becoming a real trend. And I won't be the one complaining.

Misteltein is a typical exemple of this symbiosis of fast apocalyptic riffs, and atmospheric keyboards. They come from Sweden and I'm sure that they were influenced by the sound of the many good death metal bands from that country in some way.

One might argue that Misteltein lacks originality, but it's only true for some the tracks, as other are real masterpieces. The singer is able to deliver a full range of screaming and growling vocals, and the instruments are played very well alternating fast and more atmospheric parts. Considering this is a debut album it promises some killing albums for the future. The production is also very important for this kind of music, and no mistake were made: it's perfect.

If you like this kind of metal, don't miss this release!

Killing Songs :
Twilights' Sigh, Autumns Misty Might, The Fire In My Eyes
Marc quoted 86 / 100
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