Badlands - Dusk
Z Records
Rock 'n' Grunge
10 songs (43'10)
Release year: 2000
Z Records
Reviewed by Danny

Here comes a rock 'n' hard album featuring legendary guitarist Jake E. Lee (ex Ozzy). Badlands, inspired by Van Halen and Nivana, could also be described as a "70's rocky-gloomy-grunge" thing.

But I will leave the comparison here, as this Dusk is quiet boring. From the first riff to the last note, everything is written with the same rhythm, the same sound. No melodies and there is not a single song to stay in your mind ... the kind of cd you forgot once it is over. The singer is good, but the way he sings makes me believe he doesn't trust a single word to what he said.

Jake E. Lee try to do its best, but honestly the guitars solos are so painful, without inspiration. I am wondering if they have been written in three seconds. They sound like so many other rock 'n' roll bands do and there's nothing in their sound to make them sound a little different. There are a few good songs in the album, but this is not enough to save this Dusk, even though some interesting ideas do exist.

Unless you change something guys, it is going to be a hell of a road to get to the top and with or without Jake E. Lee. If you really want to have everything from the rock 'n roll scene then check it, otherwise there are more interesting albums in the market (Union for example).

Killing Songs :
Healer, Tribal Moon
Danny quoted 60 / 100
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