Rob Rock - Rage Of Creation
Massacre Records
Heavy Metal !!!
11 songs (48'35)
Release year: 2000
Rob Rock, Massacre Records
Reviewed by Chris
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Rob Rock's gone solo, for those of you stitching your head trying to know where the hell you heard that voice, search no more, Rob Rock's Impellitteri singer, well was Impellitteri singer since they parted. But before that Rob has been Joshua's singer, an old 80's Hard-Rock, which I'm quite fund of (especially the Intense Defense album). So as for Impellitteri, as far as I'm concerned, Chris' music was not improving and the fact that Rob left is for me the best thing for him and his career. That way he can concentrate on his own music.

This album is quite good, apart the fact that I don't really perceive it as an album but more like a demonstration of his vocal abilities, which by the way are excellent, but that we knew already a long time ago. To accompany him on his album you find Roy Z at the guitars (and producer of course), and well, this guy knows how to play that's for sure and he will deliver you excellent melodies, riffs and solos. He will also be in charge of the keyboards and some of the bass too. Needless to say that Mr. Z is a accomplished musician, not to forget that he is also a hell of a producer. The album is fast paced (most of the time), rock and rolling with some excellent musical moments. The only thing is that I've got this strong feeling of hearing some Impellitteri's and Joshua's song with some twists then and there, but not much different. If you would have told me it was an Impellitteri album I would have believed you, and I would have probably answered that it's damn good one of course (cause let's face it, aside for Screaming Symphony, and a couple of songs on other albums the rest of Impellitteri's song's are average at best). So one song at the time, from melodic Hard-Rock, to Power Metal, Heavy Metal, you get a rainbow (or melpot if you will) of classic metal songs. They are almost all excellent I must say, although some do lack originality.

The promotion's been done in an original and very cool way where you could find a preview album with bits of the album, interleaved with Rob intervention on the tracks, explaining about his career and the writing process on the songs. Very informative and very cool because you learn some interesting stuff like for example 5 songs out of ten are old, rewritten songs from when Rob and Roy where playing in a old band called Driver. So basically the album is a mix of new songs and old songs from the past (that stood the test of time like Rob would say). Now that would explain some things, the originality factor for exemple, since some songs have been originally written in 1989-90, it's more than normal that they sound like songs we might have heard already...

Beware metal fans, there's a new player on the scene, and I don't see why he shouldn't become a major one, that is of course what I wish mister Rock since I've been a fan of his vocals since I was a kid. And let's call a cat a cat : the guy is a hell of a singer ! Let's just hope that the future will show us more personality in the song writing process, but for a first album this one certainly catches one's attention.

If you like the above mentioned bands where Rob was the singer, of if you simply like good Heavy Metal with great vocals, then this one is definitely for you. Welcome back Mr. Rock, continue to make us sing higher and higher !

Killing Songs :
The Sun Will Rise Again, Judgment Day, Streets Of Madness, Forever.
Chris quoted 90 / 100
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