Gardens Of Gehenna - Dead Body Music
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Death / Doom
8 songs (45'01)
Release year: 2000
Gardens Of Gehenna
Reviewed by Marc

Dead Body Music, is the second album of the german band Gardens Of Gehenna. With such a title I was expecting something quite electro (it seems to be a pun on EBM or "electronic body music") but the electronic influence is light. They play a mixture of doom and death metal sounding atmospheric and harsh at the same time.

Don't expect to feel too happy while listening to this album, it's very dark and gloomy. A growling voice half-lost in slow, hypnotic melodies and riffs, will bring you to an underworld of nightmares. The songs are not excessively long like doom songs can sometimes be. The production is very good and successfully create a very grim atmosphere.

If you like your metal slow and dark, don't miss this CD: there aren't too many of the genre and this one is very good one.

Killing Songs :
Requiem, Iesaiah 14:12, Beautiful Blackness
Marc quoted 86 / 100
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