Axxis - Voodoo Vibes
Spin records
Something Metal
12 songs (53'15)
Release year: 1995
Reviewed by Chris

And here comes the fall... I'm gonna try and stay polite for this review. It was a very good day, I perfectly remember going to the cd store, seeing this album and even stealing it just in front of another Axxis fan (one of my friends actually). I wasn't in Geneva at that time, and I had to wait like 5 hours to listen to it and I said to myself (what a nightmare). But well 35 minutes later when Star Trek : First Contact started at the theater I forgot all about my album (I confess :) ). So 5 hours later I'm back home and it's around 1 AM ... even though I'm tired I wanted to listen to my Axxis album. After 5 seconds I just knew I was going to hate this one !!!! Well... "give it another chance" I told myself... but no hope there. Again, nothing to say about the realisation, whatever they tried to do (even though it sucks to my opinion) was nicely made. But where the hell is the heavy metal band of ours ???? sorry... I'm getting impolite again ;). So... basically this one is your worst nightmare and the best way to ruin a perfect day is to put the cd into your player hoping on having Axxis back from the ashes but you discover that actually not even ashes remained... So the only thing keeping you from using your new bought cd as a throwing weapon to scare birds is Bernhard voice which still is there and perhaps the 11th track Spider, which is kinda cool. A must-throw-away album !!!

Killing Songs :
Chris quoted 25 / 100
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