House Of Shakira - III
MTM Music
14 songs (57'10)
Release year: 2000
MTM Music
Reviewed by Chris

I guess that 3 is the number of albums they have made. Personally this is the first one I've heard from them so I won't be able to tell you if it's best than their precedent efforts.

Musically the guys are talented, nice guitars, cool drumming and a fairly good vocals, although the "boys band" touch in some choirs is too bad (especially when they use words like fucking). Their main problem is in song-writing, where there is almost no originality at all and it's a shame since their musicianship would allow them to do pretty cool things if they concentrate on writing more interesting songs. The overall sounds like it have been heard a thousand times, plain old 80's Hard-Rock, with some good guitar moments and nice catchy choirs driven choruses... but in the end you'll have the feeling to know every single one of the song and that this version doesn't bring anything new. Except songs like In Your Head (very cool !) or Miracle that reminds good old Bon Jovi, I couldn't find much to hang on to.

Not bad but due not very original and a bit too "boys band" for metal too my taste. I cannot really recommend this album unless you're a dying fan of 80's Hard-Rock and need to have every CD that falls into the category. A band with potential that need to work on their originality. Not too bad if you want to take a metal break then and there and have some cool easy and cathy tunes as background music, but there's much better albums in the past that will do the job more efficiently.

Killing Songs :
In Your Head, Miracle, Time That Passed
Chris quoted 59 / 100
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