Steve Cone - In My Bones
Self Financed
Heavy Metal
11 songs (42:50)
Release year: 2007
Steve Cone
Reviewed by Mike

In My Bones is the latest effort from solo artist Steve Cone. Steve is still waving the flag of old school heavy metal proudly, and I have to say that In My Bones is an improvement over his last album, Distortion. That album is a good album, especially for what was a one man band. This time around, Steve has recruited Erik Fehrenbach to handle drumming duties. This move pays dividends from the first measure of the opening track, as I will elaborate on. Each of the songs retains a distinct, energetic NWOBHM vibe, but with a contemporary production that ensures that the album does not sound dated.

Since the last album, Steve has added a harder edge to his sound. The drumming is more aggressive and varied, which a lot to do with this. Steve's recruiting of Erik Fehrenbach to handle the drumming makes a big difference in the sound by adding a whole new dynamic to each song. The energy that Erik brings behind the kit seems to have given Steve some extra motivation. The guitars are also heavier and more adventurous this time around. Of course, Steve was able to focus more on his guitar work on this album since he no longer has to worry about laying down the drum work Furthermore, the production and mixing suite the music very well. Keep in mind that Steve does not have the backing of a record label, so that is quite a feat. Although Steve handles vocal and all guitar duties, the end result is quite fluid, sounding much like a total band effort. The sound is very raw and in your face, quite similar to the NWOBHM sound that dominated the early 1980's. However, the sound is very full on the bottom end (the guitars are down tuned) and very clear all the way around, which serves to add a contemporary feel to the otherwise old school wall of sound that is offered. Keeping in mind that guitar work is Steve's forte, you can expect that to be the shining point of this album, as I alluded to earlier. I hear a lot of rhythms and solos in the 1980's metal vein ala Iron Maiden Jack Starr, Manila Road, and Judas Priest. The occasional nod to party metal can be heard as well, with Like the Dog I Am being the most obvious example. In direct contrast, Inside Your Head is a very grungy, 90's influenced track that sounds a bit out of placed stacked against the other material on this album. This is the only track of the album that I would consider weak. In general though, the song writing is much improved since the last album. The melodies are much stronger this time around, and most of the songs jump into your head after just one or two listens. Additionally, the riffing is more focused and memorable as well. With that said, In My Bones will certainly have a much stronger lasting power than the previous album. As I mentioned in my review of Distortion, Steve's voice may not appeal to all listeners. His voice lacks range and dynamics, very similar to many NWOBHM vocalists of the early 1980's. For what he lacks in range and dynamics, he makes up for in power. His powerful and gritty delivery are a good fit for the heavy, guitar fueled anthems on this album. Still, it's hard to consider Steve's vocals anything other than average.

It's always a good sign to see an artist make progress from one album to the next. That's exactly what Steve Cone has accomplished with In My Bones. There is no doubt that Steve works his ass off when it comes to his music. I can also say that the man works just as hard in promotions and getting his music out to the masses. I have no doubt that this album is good enough to draw some label interest. With the financial backing of even a modest sized label, I'm sure that Steve could continue to improve on what has already become a very good product of traditional / old school heavy metal. If you dig no frills, 80's heavy metal, check out Steve's site and hear for yourself.

Killing Songs :
In My Bones, Get Down, Like the Dog I Am
Mike quoted 78 / 100
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