Chaos Creation - Final Warning
Speed/Thrash Metal
4 songs (25.33)
Release year: 2008
Chaos Creation
Reviewed by Aleksie
Finland’s Chaos Creation begins its fourth promo-disc with some fairly ominous feedback that quickly gives way to a furious guitar riff and a devastating drum roll. Straight off the bat, Impact With Reality goes for the jugular. A speedy, rock-vibed thrasher steamrolls the speakers into submission with sheer attitude. The band’s new singer, Tomi Kallava brings a fresh, welcomed grittiness to the mixture compared to their previous singer. Triple A had a unique feel with his sarcastic snarl, but Kallava has – to put it bluntly – much more balls in his voice. His raspy shout and malicious speeches suit the music very well, and the few high-pitched Araya-screams bring a nice old school-feel to the beatings. More of these wails, please. Guitarist Tomi Malinen, also making his recording debut with the band, does an excellent job with the “pick-struction”, especially with his tastefully widdling leads. Drummer Arto Vesander, who is only in the crew as a studio session member at this point, does an expectedly marvellous job.

Masochist’s Dreamland is a bit of an odd piece in the middle, as the mid-tempo churning chugs along in a slightly stale manner. The riffing could have used some lead melodies in the background, or something that would have acted as a bigger hook. The slight tempo twists are a nice touch, but overall the song is left a bit flat. It could also be that it feels lesser in between the opener and the damned awesome closer, Morality Of Mutilation. The final tune starts off with a slower, clean melodies/distorted chords falling own-intro, evoking sensations of Iced Earth, before the groove lifts off like a bastard child of early 90s Annihilator. Although it might be reaching a bit, the song has a slight proggy feeling, that is a very nice contrast from the meat-n-potatoes approach of the first two tracks. The fist-pumping chorus that should kill on the live stage tops it off. In addition to these songs, there is a multimedia track in the form of a music video made for Impact With Reality. It is a quite amateur-style offering, mixing footage from the studio with live mayhem. Works very well for the scale of the release, not shoddy by a long shot. There is definite direction and thought behind the editing. DIY -effort like making this video is always commendable, even more so when there is mentionable quality behind it.

The production work is the best in the band’s history, with everything crushing and in balance. Especially the drum sounds are murderous, massive thuds on the kick side. As the title of this record indicates and as the band itself has proclaimed, this will be their final promo offering before the recording of a full-length – whether or not there is a record company to back things up when taking it to the studio. I personally hope with serious conviction, that some label grabs these guys, for Chaos Creation is ready to tear things apart with skill and precision.


Killing Songs :
Morality Of Mutilation
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