Pyramid - The Immaculate Lie
Locomotive Music
Prog Metal
10 songs (67'55)
Release year: 2000
Locomotive Music
Reviewed by Chris

Pyramid is a Spanish band that play a very Progressive Metal. The first thing that catches your attention is that they have a rich and complex sound. Impressive musicianship shown with fast and technical riffs and melodies, to deliver a true Prog Metal sensation, with rhythms changes, breaks and other "cliché" of the Prog Metal sound. Within influences we can find again Dream Theater, although I should stop mentioning it I think... as almost all Prog Metal band have the guys as reference.

The problem with me is that it gets too technical... its very complex music we're talking about here... and it really requires the listeners full attention. Lots of keyboards, lots of atmosphere and very long songs... maybe too long actually. The singer sings very high, but he fails in impressing me. It feels like he tries to sing higher than his vocal capabilities allows him to, and in the end I would have preferred if he sang differently, maybe on lower tones. The problem is that he wants to get high every 2 sentenced and it gets annoying. The keyboards can vary from very cool classical like arrangements to awful organ like sound like too many Prog Band like to use and which annoys me. The guitar riffs and solos are cool and powerful. The band have enormous potential, but they have a big problem too, the vocals... this insistence to sound like James LaBrie in such a way that in the end it penalizes the band I think. The singer shouldn't sing that high all the time... his voice simply wasn't meant to be used this way.

The production is okay, and maybe a better one would help in digesting such complex album. In the end this album is very complex, too complex for me really, but I have no doubts that it will pleases many Prog Metal fans, so if you're into this category and love technical music, with good musicianship then you might want to check Pyramid. As for myself I think Pyramid need to improve their vocals, a better production could also help as well and maybe they need to be a little bit more accessible. For Prog fans only !

Killing Songs :
Hell Freezes Over, Armageddon & VitualSuperHuman
Chris quoted 62 / 100
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