Triosphere - Onwards
Face Front
Speed/Heavy/Progressive Metal
10 songs (47:18)
Release year: 2006
Face Front, Triosphere
Reviewed by Thomas

Triosphere is a heavy/speed band with progressive elements hailing from Trondheim, Norway. Their sound is much comparable with Sinergy’s, which is hardly surprising, as guitarist Marcus Silver has played alongside and draws inspiration from big names such as Alexi Laiho and Roope Latvala. Don’t get scared by the fact that there’s a woman by the mic. She’s got lots of balls and her voice is powerful and sometimes angry, not unlike Kimberly Goss.

The music is mainly guitar-driven, and Marcus Silver does a very good job. His riffing is speedy yet catchy, and full off hooks. He mixes cool interludes with the riffing just about everywhere, and it knocks things up a few notches. This dose of creativity here and there may be their key to success, and it keeps them a few levels above average. I was also expecting keyboards on here, but there is no plastic Nintendo-sound that breaks the mood which the guitars and the powerful vocals set.

There is one problem though, the music is sometimes too monotonous for its own good and my attention occasionally slips. The tempo is pretty much the same trough the whole disc, and some of the songs, like spitfire and the silver lining are pretty boring. But then again, what can you expect from a debut album? There are hardly ever perfect debuts nowadays, probably because the band is having trouble finding “their own” style. Don’t get me wrong though, this record has memorable moments. After the dull parts, there is always something there to catch your ear again.

After a short and rather unnecessary intro, Onwards part 2 kicks it all off with heavy riffing and powerful, melodic vocals. Marcus is without a doubt damn skilled, which he shows on pretty much every solo on the record. That may sound monotone, but he never cross the line between fun and boring. Trinity and Lament carries on in the same manner, while the previously mentioned spitfire and The silver lining makes you want to hit the skip button. Gunnin’ for glory and especially Sunriser, which probably is the best track on the album, speeds things up again, with catchy melodies, technical drumming, and creative guitarplaying.

Onwards pt. 3 and 4 closes the record. They borrow interludes, choruses and verses from the other songs in a Dream Theater way, which boost my suspicion on this being a concept album. Unfortunately, the different parts of the song just sound too alike to clock for over 13 minutes, even though there is a long piano outro that slows it all down the last minutes.

So, this is no perfect debut. None of the songs are directly bad, but there are only 3-4 songs which really stand out. However, the band shows that they can both play and make enjoyable music. This is a good album overall, but maybe Marcus Silver should let his fellow bandmates in on the songwriting to add some creativity and make their next record great.

Killing Songs :
Onwards pt. 2, Lament, Gunnin’ for glory, Sunriser
Thomas quoted 73 / 100
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