Icarus Witch - Songs For the Lost
Cleopatra Records
Heavy Metal
10 songs (46:38)
Release year: 2007
Cleopatra Records
Reviewed by Thomas

I've read so many positive reviews by this band, I was almost determined to like this. Their debut EP got great reviews in the metal community. Both on the web and in the magazines, and their first full-length Capture the Magic recieved a lot of good press as well, including This . When I finally got around to checking out Icarus Witch they had released another album, Songs For the Lost.

Imagine putting Iron Maiden, Helstar, and a touch of Black Sabbath in a mximaster, and try to picture what you'll get. This is old school, edgy and catchy, with cool, groovy riffs, and enjoyable solos. The music is mid-paced. There are nothing face-ripping nor anything slow and doomy. However, they still manage to keep my attention with choruses that sticks in my head, rocking riffs and solid grooves. It is also pretty remarkable that such a young band hardly ever uses double pedalling, and still makes this sound rather creative. The vocalist has an edge to his voice similar to Bruce Dickinson and Antony from Machine Head without sounding like them in any particular way.

Out For Blood kicks off the album with powerful and melodic riffs, which catches your attention at an instant. The chanting chorus and simple but steady rhythms is satisfying, and the great tone that embraces the leads is straightup ear-pleasing. Written In the Stars and The Sky is Falling continues in the same way, as Steve Pollic and Quinn Lucas keeps spewing forth quality riffs. On The Sky is Falling you'll hear the similarities Matthew Bizzila shares with Mr. Dickinson, among others.

The great thing about this band, is that they succeed in mixing the various styles and sound of the early 80's without sounding entirely like another band. They draw their inspiration from various bands, and melt it together with their own sound and passion with their fascination for mysterious, pagan lyrics. That makes this release a little darker and more individual than their earlier releases. The album flows very well, and we even get a pretty darn good cover of Def Leppard's Mirror Mirror.

Queen of Lies and Devil's Hour are also melodic so-called "vocal-songs", containing alot off hooks and nice melodies. It's rather important for a band like this to have a vocalist capable of writing good melodies to add the extra quality needed. The riffs are often too simple to carry this all alone. Songs For the Lost ends with a more experimental and sometimes slight faster, sometimes slower trio. House of Usher, Afterlife and the calm, Zeppelinish Smoke & Mirrors rounds off a highly enjoyable listen. Fans of Slough Feg, Twisted Tower Dire, and classic heavy metal in general should get this.

Killing Songs :
The Sky is Falling, Queen of Lies, Mirror Mirror, Devil's Hour, Afterlife
Thomas quoted 90 / 100
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