Snatch Club - True Kids Superbrawl
Bastardized Recordings
Brutal Deathcore
11 songs (32'30")
Release year: 2008
Snatch Club, Bastardized Recordings
Reviewed by Alex

Bastardized Recordings claim to have picked up Snatch Club, a young outfit from Germany, after seeing their live performance. Apparently, the label folks were in the audience. Trying to be more specific, but this is purely a guess, Snatch Club must have started one mean circle pit somewhere in the middle of Germany and caught the Bastardized Recordings with its forceful whirlwind.

Brutal – here is one operative word for True Kids Superbrawl. The track title like Iron Rod at Toothlevel is describing it rather accurately. Although Snatch Club are claiming to be the combination of grindcore and death metal I am hearing one mean mid-pace smasher of the record trying to leave no prisoners. While properly deciding that brutal death metal is not a competition of who can put out fastest BPM, Snatch Club almost swing to the opposite side of the field, substituting neckbreaking speed for a rather obvious lack of dynamics, tracks on True Kids Superbrawl differing little from one another. Songs like Fistful Effectivity get pregnant with anticipation of the band finally breaking into the faster onslaught, but groovy deathcore is where it all ends. The finisher My Private Toolbox gives one quick glimpse of melody, but you had to wait for it for 30 min. The electronic spacy soundscape at the very end also does not quite speak to diversity. From slightly faster (Fifty Punches per Minute) to slower (Exhibition) ‘core – Snatch Club are, no doubt, a tough bunch with attitude, but they need better songs.

The technical capabilities are there, The Onset of Dispatch and Female Serial Killer showcase the percussive hail from Tim, a capable drummer. Tobi varies his vocals from deeper gurgle to desperate vomitous shrieks, but it is the guitar department where stagnation reigns.

Intensity already in place, sweaty cohorts ready to mince flesh rearing to go, Snatch Club can go leaps and bounds if they discover a couple of hooks along the way.

Killing Songs :
A Fistful Effectivity, My Private Toolbox
Alex quoted 52 / 100
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